Prairie Mist 1

Taken from a photo of a White/light Lavender  Native Echinacea flower, I took a course from Jane Sassaman at All In Stitches Quilt Shope, Zumbrota, MN.  We were instructed to abstract and over emphasis our flowers.

I used hand dyed cotton, commercial cotton, and and overlay of organza tule.  The petals and leaves are backed with a medium stabilizer, have free motion stitching,  and then appliquéd to the stabilized background. 

Shown at the Rochester Quilt Sew-Ciety Quilt Show 2015 and received a 2nd place.

This is part of an ongoing exhibit of Native Plants and used for classes I teach.

Not for Sale.

Hand Knit Men’s Cable Sweater

Hand Knit Men’s Cable Sweater

100% English wool, multi cable knit sweater.  This is for a large man—44” chest, 35 arm length.

On a cold winter day, this sweater will definitely keep you warm!

Sweater was shown at MN State Fair and received a 5th place with 95 of 100 points assigned 2014.  Also shown at the Olmsted County Fair and received 2nd place 2015.

Available at;

Cost: $450

A Little Sunshine

Photo inspired from a Hopi Sunflower, this 3 Dimensional sunflower is original design.  It was constructed as a challenge entry for the Rochester Quilt Sew-ciety Quilt Show 20015 “Paint Chip Challenge.”

The fabrics used are hand dyed, hand painted, and commercially purchased.

Within each petal is a piece of sculpture wire mesh and cotton batting to make it malleable.  The centre is hand painted and overlaid with couched eyelash yarn and stacked bugle beads.  The backing contains heavy Pellon interfacing and is quilted.

Currently on exhibit at the Minnesota Textile Centre, “Common Thread Exhibit.

Not for sale,

Kaffe Fassett in Zumbrota

Kaffe Fassett in Zumbrota
Kaffe Fassett in Zumbrota

Original Design: There are 2 of them each slightly different.  Made for and shown at the Kaffe Fassett Exhibit held in Zumbrota by All in Stitches Quilt Shop, Oct. 2015.

Materials: Kaffe Fassett designed fabrics, Superior threads, Pellon Interfacing – heavy.

Technique: Backing wrap, free motion quilting, sandwiched appliqué to develop 3 dimension, appliqués dipped in fabric stiffer and then applied to backing.

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Cost: $30 

Meditation Lap Labyrinths

Medication Lap LabyrinthI design pathways and utilize one of the following: Round Classical; St. Paul; Vision; Chelsea: & Calais. Background colours vary, or special order.                                              

Materials: 100% cottons, cotton batting, YLI Multi’s Embellishment yarn, Superior Threads. Technique: Pathway traced from template onto fabric, yarn couched with thread, sandwiched, binding applied.                                                                        

Available at my store.                                                             Cost: $50

Body Fahrenheit, Energies Plus

Body Fahrenheit, Energies PlusBecause I personally do Energy Work in the form of Healing Touch, I designed this hanging to represent the various energy applications to our body.                                       

The body form shows a variety of temperature zones one might see on a Thermogram.  A special digital camera is used to capture these zones.  They are continuously changing.      

The circles to each side of the body represent the Chakra Centres (normally aligned up the centre of the body)  These are the control vortexes for all the body systems.                

My quilting represents the Meridian Channels which are the means of communication between the Chakras and other systems.                                                            

The Organza floating around the body represents the Body Aura which is like an immediate environmental sheath of 7 layers which affects and communicates with the whole body.  It provides a means to asses the body functions and responses.                      

The Mecabra and 12 Spirals contained within circles represent the 4th and 5th dimensions of our environment and are included because they ultimately affect the body exchange of energies.

This work has hung at the combined national conference of the American Holistic Nurses Association and American Holistic Medical Association 2006.  It has also graced the Serenity Rooms of Association of periOperative Registered Nurses and American Holistic Nurses Association.  It is printed on the gift cards for AHNA.

Not for Sale


Wave of ColoursThis wallhanging is very special to me.  The 2” cotton squares are pieced for the background and represent all the colours in our Environment.  Please notice how just as in nature, they all blend together and belong as they form a wave across the hanging.  The cotton fabric cut on the bias forms a Celtic Knot which is hand appliqué and represents the continuum of life—-never-ending and ongoing.  The work is quilted using metallic thread in the bobbin, called bobbin work.

This work was shown at the Sigma Theta Tau International Conferences 2003-5 as part of their HeArt of Nursing Exhibit and is included in their textbook “The HeArt of Nursing”.

It has also graced the Serenity Rooms of  the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN 2003-2009), and The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA, 2011, 2013).  It was used for AHNA cover of Beginnings Magazine June 2015. 

Not for Sale.