Definitions of Terms

Self Care

Encourages a person to take responsibility for their own health status utilizing a variety of life-style opportunities addressing the Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit.  This includes emphasis on prevention; followed by appropriate interventions for both acute and chronic conditions; and maintaining a wellness level suitable for each individual.

Integrated Health

A process of utilizing the combination of Eastern and Western philosophies of medicine and health practices in order to achieve a holistic application of care for every person seeking their optimum ‘Level of Wellness.’ These applications are also referred to as Complementary Alternative Modalities, CAM. They encompass holism of care as applied to the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. All facets are addressed during the assessment.  Selection and application of treatments and various modalities is based on achieving the best outcome addressing the individual’s specific needs.


Refers to one of many methods of treatment/intervention utilized to achieve a mind-body-spirit systematic response.  Usually, these are of Eastern philosophy and are used for preventive care, acute, and chronic illnesses.  The modality choice may be used individually or in a combination after assessment of client needs.  There are many forms and venues to choose from.  It is important that the provider be knowledgeable in the application and for clients to ask questions and be comfortable with the recommendations.

Energy Medicine

Utilizes a process which activates the natural healing forces within the body for the purpose of restoring harmony and balance.  This intervention may be used as a complementary adjunct to Western medicine, or stand alone for self care and self help.  Energy Medicine holistically addresses the physical, mental, and emotional well-being; additionally high level wellness and peak performance for the individual is promoted.  Just remember our universe and everything in it is comprised of energy forces both positive and negative.  This includes our body which is capable of self-restoration.  There are many applications which use Energy Medicine as their basis.  Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Bowen to name a few.

IMG_1920_edited 13Biofield

A specific center of energy.  These are found within the body itself as well as a given area extending various distances around the body.

  • Vortexes – called Chakras = 7 major and numerous minor ones are centers of energy which normally spin sending out messages as they control, stimulate, and coordinate various body systems.
  • Meridians are channels of communication containing stimulation points.  These convey the Chakra messages as well as relay messages back when stimulated.
  • The Aura surrounds the exterior of the body. Think of it as an extended You.   It consists of 7 layers addressing the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual needs of your body as well as your communication with the surrounding environment.  Additionally this is your extension to the universe and the interaction with it often referred to as the Existential Universe.